Hackney Communications specializes in communicating your messages to all of your constituencies, such as:


We can assist any entity from a startup to an established public company in leveraging the media to satisfy the client’s marketing objectives. We do this by obtaining an understanding of what the company’s objectives are, building a relevant media database, creating content in line with the objectives, then reaching out to the appropriate media. We also offer other capabilities in the public relations discipline, such as securing speaking opportunities and soliciting contributed writing assignments for senior executives.


We create and develop an analyst relations campaign, targeting Wall Street and/or industry analysts. Analysts are extremely influential in terms of achieving an exit strategy, building credibility with media and developing corporate partners in the public sector. We will help you identify and target specific analysts as well as build a line of communications, develop materials and set up face-to-face meetings.


We offer investor targeting, business plan development and traditional investor relations. The overall objective of our investor relations component is to identify the key factors for investors that will drive profitability and equity appreciation, while differentiating the company in its markets and convincingly communicating management’s strategy for growth.

Corporate Publications

We create and manage corporate newsletters and magazines that are designed to build community among existing customers and prospects as well as drive sales. Because of our journalistic background, Hackney Communications is able to foster the creation of must-read articles, ensuring that the client’s message reaches the intended audience. Some of the publications where Hackney has created or secured compelling content are:

Other Communications Tools

The firm also specializes in developing case studies and white papers that can be very useful in selling both new customers and the media. A well-crafted white paper that speaks about features and benefits of the products in the context of a customer’s potential pain points is more likely to make a better case for return on investment and total cost of ownership.

Corporate Identity Development

We have alliance partners that possess the experience and expertise to create cost-effective full marketing programs. Hackney Communications works hand-in-hand with such firms as BNEWTON ASSOCIATES to provide its clients with a professional-looking and cohesive Corporate Identity. This includes assisting such firms in the development of web sites, logos, messaging, direct mail campaigns, content, and collateral.