Our Crisis Communication Package will feature some or perhaps all of the services below:

  • Collateral and Press Release Development – Hackney will work with your team to communicate your message to all interested parties, whether customers, clients, prospects, partners, board members or investors.
  • Media Outreach, Preparation and Follow up – Hackney will work with your team to identify appropriate media that can extend your message as well as craft electronic “pitches” that will be positively received the media. Hackney will also provide media training and develop speaking points that can be used in interviews. In addition, Hackney will communicate with the media after the interview and influence, as appropriate, the direction of the article.
  • Roadmap and Retainer – Hackney will leave behind a process plan and remain available to consult at an hourly rate as issues arise.

Holt Hackney is a communications specialist with 35 years of experience as a journalist and public relations professional.

In the 1980s, Hackney began a career in journalism, rising from an editor at a small-town weekly newspaper to a staff writer at a national business magazine in New York City. At Financial World, Hackney crafted stories about controversial business executives as well as companies facing challenging circumstances. This experience helped him understand how journalists decide whether to write negatively or positively about a subject.

In the early 1990s, Hackney combined his journalism skills with his interest in public relations and assisted the National Golf Foundation in disseminating its messages in a highly politicized business environment.

Several years later, Hackney accepted a managing editor role for LRP Publications, a legal publisher, where he oversaw four publications and their respective editors. In writing about litigation, Hackney developed a unique understanding about how situations went south, and what could have prevented that from happening in the first place.

Hackney started Hackney Communications in 2001 and in the intervening years has helped more than 200 companies protect and enhance their core messages on the Internet and through the media.

On a personal note, Hackney is a Florida native, who received a degree in journalism from the University of Florida.