“After interviewing several firms, we selected Hackney Communications to help us raise our profile. With their strong financial industry knowledge and successful track record, they best met our selection criteria as a communications business partner.”

—Andy Kershner, CEO of Kershner Trading Group

“Hackney Communications is unique as a public relations company because it understands the law and is willing to work with each attorney at our firm in order to help them achieve their marketing objectives.”

—Carla Varriale, Partner, Havkins, Rosenfeld, Ritzert & Varriale

“Over the years, we have found Hackney Communication to be a strong partner for us when it comes to writing engaging copy about our value proposition.”

—Kent Huffman, Founder of KentHuffman.com

“He is the ideal complement to an aggressive business development strategy. Combining the two, a company can rise above the clutter and become a highly desirable commodity.”

—Butch Jones, Senior Vice President, CyberTrader

“Hackney Communications executed one of the best PR campaigns that I have ever witnessed. They helped us establish immediate credibility, not only in our industry, but among consumers as a whole.”

—Dick Eyestone, Founder and CEO, SmartSwing Golf

“He is a quick study, who manages the needs of his clients in a cost-effective manner.”

—Tim Geddis, Executive Director, National Association of Junior Golfers

“Hackney Communications has a remarkable ability to secure high-profile coverage when a company needs it the most.”

—James Hoover, Partner, IDM Partners.